Engagements by Lazzat Photography focus on creating not only amazing and epic images, but also capturing the candid and true essence of your love!

We get to know you as individuals, and as a couple, connect with you on a very personal level, make you comfortable in front of the camera, and have you truly enjoy the session and create real memories of your special day!

New Orleans Inspired Engagement Session || Jessica+Angel

We had such an amazing time at Jessica+Angel's New Orleans inspired engagement session! Since their love started in New Orleans we decided to start at Seville Quarter in downtown Pensacola which reminds us of the New Orleans French Quarter! Then we finished their engagement session at a nearby beach. There wedding will be at the end of this month and we are so excited for them as they start their life as Husband and Wife! 

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Dark and Romantic Couple’s Session in Downtown Pensacola

I’ve been wanting to photograph a dark and romantic couple’s session in downtown Pensacola, especially in the Cigar Factory, for a while now, and when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped right on it. That cooler night the downtown Pensacola was lit up in evening lights, the second floor of the Cigar Factory was ready to become a perfect backdrop for our dark and romantic couple’s session with a gentle touch of cigar haze and whiskey. A+Christian were thrilled to work with us, and of course, we wanted to know how did it all start. Here is their love story:

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Epic Pensacola Sunset Sailing || Melanie + Zachary

We had so much fun with Melanie and Zachary during their EPIC Pensacola sunset sailing photo session with Capt. Karl from Spider Crab Charters. They are a fun, beautiful, and very smart pair. Zachary is a lawyer so he's comfortable wearing a suit, but this was his first time wearing one on a boat!

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