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Classic Red and White Wedding || Kimberly+David

Highlights from our recent gorgeous classic red and white wedding of Kimberly + David. It was perfect, the weather, the flowers, and that dress of course, that everyone was talking about. Lots of dancing, open bar, laughter, mingling and a fun grand exit with sparklers – Kimberly+David’s was truly perfect – a perfect beginning to the Napolitano’s Happily Ever After!

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Rustic Waterfront Wedding || Amy+Mitchell

I met Amy+Mitchell a couple of weeks after their engagement back in January 2018. They wanted a country style elegant wedding with the view of the water and chose Fort Walton Yacht Club for their rustic waterfront wedding venue. They have the sweetest love story, these two were truly meant to be.

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Romantic Red Rose Wedding || Carla+Lorenzo

The morning that Carla flew to Pensacola from Trinidad and Tobago for her romantic red rose wedding Lorenzo took her on a tour of his childhood. He took her to the house that he grew up in and shared stories with her. He showed her where he played basketball, where he fell and got scars, and after sharing these special memories he got down on one knee and officially proposed to Carla. 

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Rustic Fairy Tale Wedding || Emily+Kyle

Emily+Kyle had their Rustic Fairy Tale Wedding at Coldwater Gardens. It is such a unique venue with "glamping" cabins, a Koi pond, access to a beach, and even bunnies! We asked them to share their love story for this blog and Emily shared the story of their engagement on November 24, 2017. It is just as adorable as they are, enjoy! 

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Ocean Springs Winter Wedding || Lena+Harold

Lena+Harold chose to celebrate their marriage in December and for their wedding ceremony, they undoubtedly went with Ocean Springs Assembly, that had a special meaning for Harold as this was the church he attends regularly. Holiday lights, candles, fresh evergreen branches, sliced wood slabs for centerpieces nicely mixed with rich burgundy pop of color – ideal combination for this winter wedding.

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Star Wars Wedding in Scenic Hills Country Club || Carly+Rick

A unique spin on a wedding theme – Star Wars Wedding in Scenic Hills - She loves Star Wars, so does he – so it wasn’t a surprise when Star Wars became a theme of their wedding day. With the main color being purple, you could see hints of Star Wars from every side: Millennium Falcon earrings and a guestbook, groom’s tie, a few Star Wars outfits, tables named after the planets from the trilogy, wedding favors, bride’s garter, and the sign that said “May the Force be with us as we travel through the galaxy of life. May we vow to fight the empire and stand for light and justice!”. And, of course, their wine glasses had to say what Princess Leia said when professing her love for Han Solo – “I love you!” with his infamous “I know!” So romantic, so unique!

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Downtown Pensacola Grand Hotel Wedding || Megan+Daniel

As they got engaged at the Pensacola Grand Hotel, without a doubt Megan+Daniel wanted to celebrate their wedding there as well. Its grand lobby with the grand piano, authentic antique furniture, grand staircase – everything in this historic downtown Pensacola hotel was beautiful and just perfect for Megan+Daniel’s elegant black and silver wedding!

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