Franklin Falls Seattle Engagement Session, Fiancé, and Fiancée, Epic nature portrait session

Franklin Falls Seattle Engagement Session || Tu+David

Where do I even begin with this one!

The lovebirds starring in this engagement session are Tu+David. Prior to moving to Florida, Lazzat Photography was based in Seattle, WA, and Tu was my assistant. She worked tirelessly as my right-hand during weddings, engagement sessions, and so much more. I always joked with Tu, asking when was she going to get a boyfriend or when was she going to get married! Regardless of my playful banter, I knew she was waiting for The One.

Not long after I left Washington for the Sunshine State, Tu informed me that she found her person: David. She proceeded to ask me, "Lazzat, will you capture my engagement photos?" Although I told Tu she did not have to hire me as her photographer just because she worked for me, she insisted that she wanted my "magic" in her photos, a statement that brought me a great deal of joy. Fast forward to the engagement session, everything was as perfect as we could have hoped for. The Franklin Falls climate was divine and mother nature was evidently on our side! Tu rocked two fiery red dresses, the perfect color to contrast the green and earthy hues of the Franklin Falls scenery. Tu+David's love for one another shined brightly during the entire session, like stars in the night sky.

This next section was warmly written by Tu. Here, she beautifully recounts her and David's love story

Our good friends introduced us a day before their reception in Olympia, Washington back in June 2014. During their reception, I was in charge of pinning boutonnieres. While I was pinning David's boutonniere, the only thing repeatedly running through his mind was, "Please don't poke me." After our friend's reception, we didn't meet again until Memorial Day weekend at the same friends' home in 2019. We texted over the phone until our first dinner together in June 2019. I was about an hour late, but we still had dinner. We continued to get to know each other through meals and trips. We became official towards the end of November 2019. About two years alter, we went on a hike to Twin Falls with the same friends in March 2021. David proposed on a rock close to the base of Twin Falls while our friends captured our moment. It took me a bit but I eventually nodded and said, "Yes." We're having our fun planning our wedding. Lazzat was a part of capturing our engagement and will also we capturing our wedding. We think our path to our wedding will be a smooth one as we continue to plan.

I am not only blessed to have Tu+David in my life; I am thankful for being part of theirs as well. Capturing these once-in-a-lifetime moments for my sweet Tu and her wonderful fiancé, David, filled my heart with joy and happiness. For now, I cannot wait to capture Tu+David's Wedding Day on the fitting date of 10.22.22!