Intimate Backyard Wedding || Mercy+Cory

Mercy+Cory met in pre-COVID times and their wedding was postponed a couple of times due to COVID-19 and it was long overdue! This intimate backyard wedding took place in grandpa’s backyard underneath a large oak tree with fairy lights and close friends and family. This wedding was definitely giving fairy and cottage vibes!

Mercy had her closest friends and family help her get into her wedding dress prepare for a first look with her father. After a thrilling first look reveal in a cozy living room, it was time to walk down the aisle! Guests filled the few seats they had as Cory waited excitedly. Cory got wide-eyed when he saw his sweetheart for the first time all dressed up as she walked down the aisle to her future! These two are beyond cute.

Afterwards, we had some time to take some portraits of our lovely couple which you can find in the gallery below! The fairy lights were glistening beautifully as the sun set and the blue hour of dusk started to settle in. These two gentle souls definitely exude their energy even through photos!

It was time for the reception and as everyone found their way to their tables, Mercy+Cory stopped by to chat with their friends and family. When everybody had gotten their food and sat down to mingle, Mercy+Cory snuck away for a private first dance. Mercy+Cory got a moment of quiet in the night to find and hold each other.

Mercy+Cory then got a chance for a private little dance with their respective parents before everyone else joined them on the dance floor. Soon enough, it was time to go home and Mercy+Cory got sent out with bubbles by their family and friends. Their intimate backyard wedding was not in their initial plans but I am sure this was everything they hoped and dreamed of in the end. We wish Mercy+Cory a lifetime of happiness and light. Until next time!

Directly from Mercy+Cory