Romantic Winter Park Engagement Session

Romantic Winter Park Engagement Session || Priscilla+Andrew

Priscilla+Andrew met at work. They started hanging out one day and kind of never stopped. Thinking that they could not get any cuter, he used to make her mixed CDs and she would draw him funny pictures. After being together for 8 years, sharing 4 homes with one another, owning 2 cats, and enduring 1 pandemic alongside each other, they are finally planning their wedding!

The session took place in downtown Winter Park, as they wanted romantic and fun session. They love to make each other laugh. Andrew loves her goofy sense of humor and Priscilla loves his fun living spirit. They love theme parks, traveling and shopping, so it is perfect that they live in the bustling city of Orlando, FL!

We had a lot of fun during the session. Originally, it was supposed to be in downtown Sanford, but the town was holding some kind of street fair that day so we had to improvise and find another location similar to the first one. It was a little hot but we were lucky it did not rain.

Priscilla+Andrew's wedding is scheduled for February of 2022 and I am more than pleased to announce that I will be capturing their special day too! Getting to know these two lovebirds has shown me how me how much they care of each other and how deep their love for one another truly is.