Stunning New Year's Eve Pensacola Wedding || Ali+Christian

Ali+Christian wanted to have an epic celebration for their wedding and one day it dawned on them… why not New Year’s Eve? Our stunning New Year's Eve Pensacola wedding started off a little cloudy but that didn’t stop us from making the most of it! Downtown Pensacola had thousands of balloons above Intendencia Street, dubbed "Bubble Alley," which made our overcast skies pop with color. Check the photos out below!

Soon enough, the clouds lifted their shadows and we were able to catch a beautiful sunset and golden hour moment. We found a stunning sculpture surrounded by fairy lights and Ali+Christian were both wearing white which made everything pop even more! It fit with their stunning New Year's Eve Pensacola wedding celebration perfectly.

Ali had a dress change (2 out of 3!) and it was time for the reception. This beautiful reception completely encompassed New Year’s Eve and a wedding celebration all in one! With white, gold, black, silver and ultra modern designs, it was a perfect ode to newness. Disco balls were shining everywhere just as our couple was!

Guests poured in and soon, Ali+Christian take the floor for their first dance - cue the tears! All the guests are welcomed to take center stage and dance along as we wait for the new year to ring in. After one final dress change, Ali stunts with an oh-so sparkly and comfy look with some sneakers. We can’t blame her! Heels all day are no fun.

Speeches are being delivered, cake is being cut, dances are being danced! The countdown is on as everyone grabs some glow sticks and funky sunglasses for the new year and soon it’s 3… 2… 1… Happy New Year!! Lastly, we send off Ali+Christian amongst a very fitting grand exit, sparklers. We wish them a lovely 2023 and marriage!

A special Thank You to our wedding vendors that made Ali+Christian's Big Day extra special!