Magical Paradise Cove Wedding || AJ+Beatriz

Our story with AJ+Beatriz starts at the Florida Wedding Expo. They fell in love with our work and we immediately hit it off! Soon we got to planning their big day.

Their chosen venue was Paradise Cove right here in Orlando, Florida. This venue is the perfect hidden retreat in a busy city like Orlando. We actually started our day across the street at the Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas with our girls.

We first hid AJ away with her bridesmaids to get ready as we snapped some photos of Bea’s girls helping her get ready. It is always a team effort to get our brides dressed! Thankfully, we weren’t in the usual Florida heat as it was December so it was nice and cool enough for us to get some stunning photos of Bea with her bridesmaids outside. Check them out below!

After we got Bea and her girls covered, it was time to for our red-haired girl on fire to shine! This time, it was Bea’s turn to hide from her soon-to-be wife. AJ had her girls help her get dressed (remember, it’s a team effort!!) in her gorgeous and sparkly jet black dress. I can’t forget to mention that her cape was to die for! After the tightening of corsets and making sure AJ’s crown was secured in place, it was time for AJ and her girls to be in the spotlight.

We head on over to the venue for our magical Paradise Cove wedding, we make sure to hide Bea again for their first look reveal. The atmosphere was quiet and calm as everyone was making last minute adjustments before guests arrived. We knew this was our chance to have a special moment for AJ+Bea! Bea took some deep breaths as she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see her lovely fiance in her wedding dress. Some tears were shed and kisses were smooched, soon it was time for the ceremony where the waterworks tend to really get going!

AJ walks down the aisle to her future wife and Bea gleams with excitement. As they read their vows, everyone was feeling the intense emotion behind their love. Luckily their officiant, Ivy, had some jokes up her sleeve and gave us a bit of comedic relief! As AJ+Bea walk back down the aisle hand-in-hand, they are both so excited and ready for their new adventures as a married couple.

Soon everyone is eating some good food and dancing the night away! We ended this day with a grand bubble exit making it a purely magical Paradise Cove Wedding. We wish AJ+Bea a happily ever after!

Directly from AJ+Bea