Elegant Bella Cosa Lakeside Wedding || Jennifer+Mardochee

Jennifer+Mardochee’s story starts back in their undergrad days at the University of Florida however, our story with them starts a little later than that. We had the opportunity do their engagement session in the beautiful Old St. Augustine, Florida. Mardochee proposed at the Castillo de San Marcos fort and we decided to commemorate their engagement by photographing them in the same city where the proposal happened! You can read more of their engagement story here.

Fast forward to present times, Jennifer+Mardochee reached out to us again for their wedding and we couldn’t have been more excited! They decided to have an elegant Bella Cosa lakeside wedding in November of 2022 and although we had some last minute changes, we made it all work out.

Our day starts with Jennifer+Mardochee getting ready in their respective suites. Jennifer was with her girls as they helped her get into her beautiful gown and Mardochee was with his guys as they helped him with his suit and bowtie. We got some awesome photos of the process and more which you can find below!

Soon, it was time for the ceremony. As guests poured in, we snapped some photos of the lovely details. It’s always the small things that matter! There was beautiful white flowers galore with golden accents that were absolutely stunning and made this ceremony one for the books. As Jennifer walks down the aisle, Mardochee gets a first look at his beautiful bride. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as they read their vows to each other; these are the beautiful moments we live for and are here to capture forever!

After the ceremony, we brought Jennifer+Mardochee outside just in time for the sunset and blue hour. Just after the sunset, there is a short period of time where the sky turns a deep blue and allows us to capture these cooler tones in the night sky. It fit perfectly considering their color palette! We got the chance to capture a beautiful pink and purple sunset which definitely made for some grand photos.

Finally, everyone was at the reception enjoying dinner, taking photos at the photo booth, listening to toasts and serenades, and getting ready to dance! Jennifer+Mardochee had their first dance and grand exit on the clouds leaving them on cloud nine. We’re so glad we got to be a part of this important day and we wish Jennifer+Mardochee all the best!