Glimmering Seattle Wedding || Tu+David

Tu+David’s wedding day was certainly a special day. On this day we weren’t in our usual sunny Florida but, we were in rainy Seattle. Believe it or not, Tu used to be my assistant! She helped me out during my time in Seattle and I even remember when she told me she met David and told me she thinks he is the one. I think this day solidified that he was the one! It’s so rewarding to see my team grow and I am always honored to be a part of their journey in life. We also photographed their engagement session at Franklin Falls in Seattle, WA so we were proud to be a part of their whole process. You can find their engagement story and gallery here.

Tu always wanted to incorporate the number two into her wedding because of her name and so the date 10/22/22 was set! Tu+David’s wedding took place at the Bellevue Hilton and as you can see below, this venue had plenty of room for dancing, eating, and of course, gorgeous photo opportunities. Tu+David are both working professionals and Tu adores Pokemon and has been obsessed ever since we met!

Tu+David’s wedding included a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony before their actual wedding ceremony. A Vietnamese tea ceremony is an intimate way for family, friends, and ancestors to celebrate the union of the newlyweds. Tu had a beautiful pink dress for the tea ceremony and looked stunning as she matched her color palette.

Since we were in Seattle, we had to make do with a rainy day but, we did get a glimmer of sunshine during Tu+David’s bride and groom session. We went outside to beautiful skies and captured some sunset photos! Otherwise, our photos took place inside and they turned out lovely! I am so grateful that Tu decided to choose us for her big day.

The reception was beautiful and Tu+David held up some more traditional aspects from their culture. Tu+David spent time with each table so their guests could cheer with them and wish them the best. This whole wedding was a very full circle moment for me since Tu used to be our assistant and I even saw my former bride, Saori at Tu’s wedding! All in all, this was definitely a blast from the past and we ended our night with lots of dancing, singing, and fun. We wish Tu+David the happiest of years!

A special Thank You to our wedding vendors that made Tu+David's Big Day extra special!

Wedding Venue - Hilton Bellevue

Wedding HMUA - Eugenia Verni Hair & Makeup

Wedding Cake - Celebrity Cake Studio

Wedding Flowers - Fena Flowers

Wedding Video - Slager Fuj Creative Media

Wedding DJ - JL Music Entertainment

Wedding Officiant - Narin Vann