Lake Eola Sunset Engagement || Vivian+Steven

Vivian+Steven are such an admirable couple and we are so happy we got the chance to be a part of their engagement AND their wedding! We had such a blast with our Lake Eola Sunset Engagement and with their awesome kids.

In proper fashion, their wedding was also purple themed so stay tuned for those photos soon! It was so cool that we got to witness a purple sunset for these engagement photos. The sky transformed into a canvas of warm hues—soft pinks, oranges, and purples—which was a sight reminiscent on the love between Vivian+Steven.

Lake Eola mirrored the fiery sky, capturing the reflection of the couple in its gentle ripples. As they walked back along the path, hand in hand, the city lights began to twinkle, and the stars emerged in the night sky. Lake Eola had witnessed another beautiful chapter in their love story, and the city of Orlando stood as a silent witness to the beginning of their forever. Meanwhile, back at the studio, my assistant was with the kids having a dance battle to Beyonce!

We congratulate Vivian+Steven on their marriage and a lifetime of love and happiness!